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About AirQroom

Approximately between 500,000 and 600,000 private flights are contracted per year in the United States. AirQroom is a secure web-based application designed to help your sales team be faster and more productive. It also provides you with a new revenue opportunity by letting you list your aircraft on our booking platform, where flights can be marketed and sold in real-time to a wide audience of potential new flyers. Our platform has been designed to fit around you and your business. This means you can change and update information and status whenever you wish, as well as preview your profile, test out your fees in our system and apply discounts and premiums as and when you want.

Our adaptative empty leg solution

Our adaptive empty leg platform optimises existing empty legs by diverting the aircraft to the user’s destination, whilst being en route to the final location the aircraft was flying to anyway. This maximises efficiency while allowing private jet travellers to charter a flight. Users will enter the location and where they want to fly to and our super-fast search technology finds all available options for their journey, showing all adaptive empty legs at the top of the search.

Safety comes first

AirQRoom is committed to private jet safety. The security, peace of mind and privacy of our clients is absolutely paramount. We undertake a rigorous series of measures and process before permitting a private aircraft operator to be part of our network.

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